No 1 Bio

Hello, my name's Stefan Kwiecinski. I'm a student at Morehead State University, a tech entrepreneur, a lover of open source, and a southeast asian cuisine fanatic. By far the best way to summarize myself is that of a guy with too much on his plate. This site serves as a small sample for all I do.

No 2 Experience

In middle school I got my hands on one of the early models of the Raspberry Pi. From then on out it was a nonstop stream of code, hardware hacking, and pitching half-baked ideas to whoever would listen. In high school I got my first branding clients along with the first round of funding for one of said half baked ideas. Today I'm spread out over my involvements in the Morehead startup community, the open source community, and the branding and web development community.

No 3 Education

Currently, I'm a freshman at studying computer science and business administration. When I'm not in class or stirring up trouble I spend the majority of my time in the local business incubator called the Innovation Launchpad. From the Launchpad I do everything from juggling businesses to organizing esports and robot battle competitions.