My name's Stefan Kwiecinski. I'm a designer and startup guy currently based in Richmond, Kentucky.

When I'm not building brands I'm a science superfan, open source supporter, foliage fanatic, and crummy cook.

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Recent Work

Most of my clients come to me needing full rebrands and comprehensive brand strategy. I've done everything from web to print to videography to publicity stunts.

I've linked some of the more recent brands that I've helped build. Additionally, you can check out my Dribbble for more logowork, my Pexels for phototography, and my resume for the nitty-gritty.




Project Mora

Project Mora is a crowdsourced lunar time capsule project that will be landing on the moon in early 2020. I helped in getting the operation off the ground by implementing a brand strategy and designing all supporting graphics and front-end code.

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Carlisle Tourism

I was commissioned by by the Carlisle & Nicholas County Tourism and Historical societies to overhaul their branding and web presence. In terms of content, this was one of my most expansive projects yet. Nearly the entire county is online to explore.

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Camp Sousley

Camp Sousley is a military exploration campus in Eastern Kentucky. After losing their web presence to a system failure, I was comissioned to help overhaul their web design, marketing, and infastructure.

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Acer Technologies

Acer Technologies is to engineering as Uber is to transportation, only with exceptional experience and professionalism. This Lexington, KY firm had an expansive network but a nearly non-existent brand. I rebuilt their strategy, wording, and site.

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